Your Mobile Form

Simplify your data recording. Replace your paper forms with an integrated mobile solution. Formuliser offers a clean and simple implementation, not bound to a specific market. Additionally, Formuliser offers Microsoft Office compatibility and it individually is adapted to your requirements.

Key Features

Unlimited - Handle as many objects with unlimited reports as you like. Also, the number of installations is not limited.
Location Independent - Record your data directly on-site, whereever you are. Even if you don't have an online connection available.
Usability - The graphical interface is easy to use and understand. This reduces on-the-job training.
Tailor Made - Formuliser will be tailored to suit your needs perfectly. We design your app exactly according to your draft.
Photo - Take photos with Formuliser and add them directly into your report. The internal gallery shows all pictures at a glance.
Internal Backup Solution - Build and manage your complete data backups directly within Formuliser.
Automatic Report Generation - The form input automatically generates a full report text document.
Microsoft Office Compatible - You can edit your reports in Microsoft Office or any other compatible office solution.
Report Transmission - Send your reports by email and keep a clear and concise overview.
Save Time - Streamline your business by optimising your data recordings and by automising your data processing.

Product Overview